Hate is to strongly dislike someone or something! A hater is a person who dislikes the other person or thing which is not according to their preferences. There is a very thin line between hate and criticism. Hate is when you dislike the person and criticism is when you dislike a thought/act of the person,not […]



Childhood means simplicity! It’s a part of life which creates beautiful memories. It’s the most beautiful of all life’s season! But this beautiful phase is not experience by every child on this planet. Some of them face a cruel and harsh reality of the life in early age only. *Poverty* Poverty is the state of […]

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Toxic Love

Is it killing you from inside? Is it making your soul hollow? Is it making you weak? Is it POISONED? Is it said that love makes us strong. It gives us power to do an impossible thing and it nurture us but does everyone who is in love grow and blooms like a flower or […]

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Unsettle to settle

Millions of people travelling every day from one place to another place but have you ever wonder that do all the people enjoy their journey? I was just chilling at the terrace, looking at the beautiful sky and noticed each airplane which were passing at every one minute. Just imagine so many people travelling at […]

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The Feeling Of Death!!!

It had been a long and tiring day, in fact a tiring weekend or a month or a year. You just don’t know where you are and where are you going. You are blank and numb. Every little thing is bothering you. Your brain has stopped thinking.Everything has crossed its limit and going beyond your […]

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